Mobile Messaging & Marketing Solutions - We offer the new generation Business Messaging System, which is the ultimate in SMS revolution that sends out individualized, bulk & flash messages directly from your PC to the recipient mobile no. without the help of a mobile phone. Marketing on mobile phones has become increasingly popular over the past few years as the technology of Short Message Service (SMS), better known as text messaging, has become more and more refined. Over the past few years, text messaging has become more and more legitimate as an advertising channel. Unlike email, which goes out over the public Internet, mobile marketing typically goes out over a wireless service. Nowadays mobile marketing have become increasingly popular as marketers have begun to treat text messaging as a valuable investment of their advertising budget. This service can be used to encourage the flow of communication from various customers, clients & vendors.

Two Way Messaging & Integration - Having an SMS-enabled website can bring a lot to the table. From user account verifications to marketing campaigns – the possibilities are endless and with SMS providers making it so simple to implement, it’s really just a matter of jumping on the bandwagon. To clarify things a little, web-based SMS technology is basically the means of utilizing SMS messages via websites and other web-based applications. SMS messages can be sent automatically, manually or via alerts or triggers that have been put in place by the site administrator. The use of such an exceptional technology via the web brings a whole new dimension to how we do things online and can expose our online presence to a whole new audience on an entirely different platform. Thus we make the text messaging more powerful & efficient to its clients.

We offer a range of Two-Way text messaging services which offer different features, message rate (capacity) and have different costs. In every case the incoming Mobile Originated (MO) messages can be delivered back to you by HTTP, SMTP or as an SMS to your Mobile Phone. Two-way SMS Service allows you to receive SMS via our web interface or on your mobile or even on your database or any http URL. From each message on your keyword, you will receive-the date and time that we received the message, the mobile number and the complete message including your keyword.

The Two Way SMS feature can be used for:
(a) Customer Feedbacks
(b) Customer Surveys
(c) Online Voting
(d) Complaint Submission
(e) Advertisement Enquiry


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